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Change It Up!

The Name and Logo Competition


The closing date for entries in

"Change It Up!" Change of Name and Logo Design Competition

has been extended!  

Entries now close on 29 August 2017 and

results will be published on this website on 30 August 2017.  

The Terms and Conditions below have been amended to reflect the new dates. 


To enter the Addington.Net “Change It Up!” competition simply create a new name and logo for Addington.Net that reflects our aim to provide technology based learning to our Christchurch community and email or deliver it to Addington.Net.
Entries close 29 August 2017.
Terms and conditions are printed below.

Terms and Conditions of the Addington.Net “Change of Name and Logo Design” Competition
1. This competition consists of a contest to create a new name and design a logo for Addington.Net. It is open to New Zealand residents or citizens only.
2. Entries are open to all age groups.
3. Addington.Net may require proof of any of the above criteria before selecting the winning entry.

How to enter:
4. To enter the competition, create a name and design a logo which you think best incorporates the design brief set out in section 12 below.
5. The logo design does not have to reflect previous Addington.Net material (website, Facebook etc.) including font and colour scheme.
6. The name and logo design may be submitted in .png or .jpeg format.
7. By submitting a design to this competition, you are granting a fully paid-up, sub-licensable, irrevocable, worldwide, exclusive licence in perpetuity to allow to use all intellectual property rights in and to your design for promotional use and for any other purpose. Please note that Addington.Net is a registered incorporated society and you will not receive any royalties if Addington.Net uses your design. If you are not selected as a winner, ownership of all intellectual property rights in and to your design will revert back to you. Entries cannot be returned so please remember to keep a copy.
8. Entries must be entirely your own original work and must not breach any copyright or third party rights. Addington.Net will not be made partially or fully liable for any non-original work submitted by you. All entries must be suitable for publication and for public viewing. The design must not include any defamatory, offensive or unlawful content.
9. If you wish to enter this competition, you must provide Addington.Net with your full name, current residential address, telephone number, email address, and date of birth. Addington.Net will only use your personal details for the purposes of administering this competition and, except for your full name and suburb of residence will not publish them or provide them to anyone without your permission.
10. Entrants must submit their designs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 29 August 2017. Results will be announced on the Addington.Net website on 30 August 2017 and communicated to the winner by phone. Addington.Net reserves the right to extend the competition deadline at its discretion. If there is a revision, the revised date will be published on the Addington.Net website and the date for announcing the results will be postponed accordingly.
11. The winner’s will be selected by the Addington.Net Board in accordance with the criteria set out in section 12. The decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
12. All entries will be judged on the following criteria:
• A strong, imaginative design which
o Encapsulates the themes of “Promoting technology based learning opportunities”
o and the Addington.Net Vision of “Supporting individuals and community groups to become capable and confident users of digital technology”.
• Which is simple and can be easily reproduced in print or online.
13. The winner (’s) will receive a prize, to be shared if there is more than one winner, consisting of an up to $100 gift card, to be couriered within 10 working days of obtaining the correct delivery address from the winner, or otherwise agreed.
14. Addington.Net does not accept any responsibility for late or lost entries due to the internet. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.
15. Entrants must supply full details as required above, and comply with all rules to be eligible for the prize. No responsibility is accepted for ineligible entries or entries made fraudulently. Proof of age or eligibility may be required.
16. If none of the competition entries are deemed totally appropriate, Addington.Net reserve the right to establish its own logo. If this is the case, a winner or winners may still be selected and the prize(s) awarded accordingly. The prize may be awarded to more than one person if that seems appropriate.
17. The contest may be declared void at the sole discretion of Addington.Net. Furthermore, Addington.Net reserves the right to cancel this contest at any stage, or change any of the rules or procedures if deemed necessary in its opinion, or if circumstances arise outside its control.
18. Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and to agree to be bound by them when entering this competition.
19. This competition is administered by Addington.Net.

The winning name and logo design will be used on: - The Addington.Net website and Facebook page - All Addington.Net apparel and signage – Addington.Net Administration office - All Addington.Net letterhead and promotional material
*Addington.Net Create a Name and Logo Design Competition Entry Form
Please provide the following information with your entry:
• Full name
• Date of birth
• Mobile phone / Other phone
• Email address
• Physical address
• Description of your submitted logo design (150-300 words)
• Include the following sentence with your entry: “I certify that the information provided is accurate and that the design submitted is an original design and is my creation.”
For more information:
Facebook page:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 03-962 7244
Physical Address: 389 Barrington Street, Christchurch.
Postal Address: PO Box 33362, Barrington, Christchurch 8244