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Being a Board Member is looking for Board members

who are interested in supporting the goals of the organisation


Being a board member means you have responsibilities for the oversight of the group it is connected to.  This includes keeping an eye on the finances, ensuring all governance responsibilities are managed, ensuring the organisation follows its mission and continues to provide the support for the community it serves. Boards are a good way to learn new skills, pass on or share  ones you already have and  to do something for the community you live in.

 There is also space on a Board for people with energy to try new things, to take on or initiate projects for the organisation and to then follow them through. Helping others have fun with technology means you can also have fun.

As organisations change so do the Boards which govern them and that stimulates new things to happen and gives people a chance to get really stuck into working in and supporting a community project they value.

Board membership also gives its members a chance to learn and develop new skills as they work through the necessary things while also trying to start new things. There are always constraints on what can be achieved but as with any voluntary projects time and commitment are a constant challenge. New people who are willing to support and work for a cause or a group they value are always welcomed and if others have the same energy and goals as the group and you even better.   

Being on a Board is being part of a team effort to support the group you are volunteering for.

It is worth it in so many ways for you and for the organisation and the wider community.

 A Board member will probably need to

  • Attend a meeting once a month. 2 hours maximum.
  • Read the notes sent out before the meeting.
  • Have eyes and ears open for things which are related to the group.
  • Possibly be willing to get involved with projects within the organisation which will require extra time -  not a necessity as some Board members have real value as guides and advisors. Everyone has different attributes they can give.
  • Possibly take in role as Secretary, Treasurer or Chair or some other role.
  • Provide support and ideas for consideration by the group. needs and wants Board members who are interested in supporting the goals of the organisation and who have some time available.

 Do you want to support

  • Making technology more accessible to all people not just those who can afford it.
  • Helping children and adults in the community have fun and learn with technology.
  • The development of new ways of making this happen while ensuring the best of what is happening now is maintained.

For more information please contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 03 962 7244 or drop in to our base at the Lighthouse Baptist Church on the corner of Barrington Street and Bewdley Street.